Growing Cala

Burgeon began in December 2015 in the desire to stretch my abilities.  I do not consider myself a tech-savvy person, yet I desired to learn how to set up a website.  I had a desire to gain skill and grow in an area (tech) that I considered to not be my forte.  Additionally, it grew out of the desire to express myself and share with others areas of both interest and academic background.


Burgeon is for people that have the need to grow and develop.  People, who desire to learn about themselves as humans and not stay stagnet as they are aware of an inner longing and push to grow, and change into a more developed self.  People with this desire have the ability to change and further develop their already wonderful self.  They are aware that they are in deed beautiful and kind creatures with imperfections.  Just like a ruby that shines and sparkles would not be authentic without small cracks, humans are awesome creatures with the ability to be kind, genuine, intelligent, spiritual, and loving creatures that are found with imperfections.  It is the awareness of being human that can be used as motivation to be a better you that is strived for with love for the present self.


Burgeon is an access point to grow in the direction of education, psychology, business, spirituality, and other interests such as home decor, and image consulting.  These are foundational areas for growth as humans and areas of interest that can be beneficial to home and personal life.  At Burgeon, we hope to add peace of mind and strength to your day as you read our articles, and even stretch you with thoughts you may not have been aware of before. Life is good -and even better with a growth mindset.

Wild Calla Lilies Along Creek on Big Sur Coastline
California, USA — Wild Calla Lilies Along Creek on Big Sur Coastline — Image by © David Muench/Corbis