Colors Convey Meaning

Colors are speaking!  We are surrounded by them on a daily basis.  Whether aware of it or not you are speaking through color and colors are speaking to you.  Colors are found in everyday life, nature, marketing, interior design, politics, meetings, science, and fashion.  It is important to know color’s significance, and how you are speaking through color.

black dress

Each color has a significance.  What color says may depend on varying factors such as spirituality, culture, personal experience and preference.  When you ask someone what the color black means one might get two very contrasting answers.  To one, it  may mean mystery, sensuality, formality, gala, and to the other it may mean seriousness, death, gloom, transition, and ending.  In general, there are some universal significance to color. That will not apply to every single person’s subjective perspective, but when taken at the macro level can be categorized to a generalized regional significance.  Being more attuned to color and how communication is brought forth through it can make a significant impact in how one sends and receives communication.



Nature has a cooling or relaxing effect on humans.  It is amazing what sitting on long strands of grass, looking out into the ocean on a cool, yet sunny day, while breathing in the sea breezed air is able to do for one’s inner peace and spirit.  The colors within nature green, blue, yellow, white, and brown have a calming, peaceful, and energetic impact on one’s inner being.  Colors alone do not bring to humans that inner peace; they are however part of the harmonies experience one has when connecting with nature.  God is the creator of nature therefore one connects with God when one takes time to connect with nature.  God speaks to us through the colors he designed within nature.  This is part of what makes one feel at peace because we are connecting with God and the other elements of his creation.  One can learn from the colors found in nature the significance of peace they bring and in that God’s love for humans.

interior art

God designed the world with harmonies and peaceful colors.  Interior designers also are attuned to the significance and impact colors have.  The color red in a kitchen has the potential to increase appetite; the colors orange and red tend to make people want to leave a place and yet are attention grabbing.  In and Out, Mc Donalds, and Burger King,  all use them.  It’s a way to bring in a customer for a quick bite to eat.  Interior designers know that the colors within a room contribute to the activity and feel within it.  Colors in an interior design setting also may have some differing impacts on human psyche as opposed to the general significance of the color.  Let’s take orange for example, it means enthusiasm, vitality, courage, stimulation, and rejuvenation.  However, painting the whole living room orange will make one bonkers and illicit a desire to leave.  It is very hard to stand in a room covered in orange from wall to wall.  It is a big no in the interior design world as it would convey over stimulation rather than enthusiasm to stay in a room unless done with tact like using it sparingly to highlight a wall within a room.  Blue means communication, peace, calm, and trustworthiness to name a few.  In interior design blue is often used in places where one wants to feel tranquil and harmonious like in the living room, bathroom, and bedrooms.  It is thought of as the color of the mind as it can mean intelligence.  At times, colors general significance goes well with interior design choices and other times it may not get the exact message across when color balance is missing.

Color palate

Fashion consultants have a keen eye for color as they are well aware that each person has a set of colors (or color palate) that will speak more highly for a person and that colors convey meaning.  Getting dressed for an interview has the potential to make or break your next career opportunity.  True, it is not necessarily the deciding factor, but it will leave an impression.  People may spend time thinking what is the best suit for the interview, and the same outfit in just the right color will convey the message you want to send, and make a powerful impact.  Ones natural colors of the hair, skin, and eyes will give you the most authentic color palate.  Finding ones color palate can be harder than expected.  Thankfully, I found this great site that was the easiest of the virtual methods out there for one to find their best color palate.  After trying it, I was much happier than trying to follow any other virtual site that attempted to explain how to find one’s color palate.  In training fashion consultants in color palates choices, there is no substitute for in person training and assessing.  However, I am going to give the link in case you don’t want to spend money to haver a personal one on one session with a fashion consultant.  To easily assess ones color palate online go to

Whether you are thinking of relaxing in a sky blue room or making a statement at an event, remember that colors are a big part of making that feeling or statement occur.  Express yourself in color and create an ambiance with the best color choices!



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