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Burgeon Magazine

Burgeon is for people, who desire grow in their personal and professional abilities, and get insight to the psychological dynamics within organizations through informational resources to improve one’s personal and leadership behaviors to strengthen not only the person, but to positively impact those around the person as well.  Burgeon is an online magazine that includes a blend of four essentials for growth in personal and career areas: coaching, therapy, education, and industrial organizational psychology.  Burgeon includes these 4 essential components of growth, yet does not limit it’s articles to only those four areas. It also includes articles of interest outside the career field as it recognizes the importance of development of the self.  This array allows one to be informed and have opportunity for optimal growth and empowerment in a more holistic manner.

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People choose Burgeon magazine to gain insight to personal and professional abilities. Readers acknowledge they hold the opportunity to overcome barriers in their path knowing they have access to articles written by an author that is knowledgeable of the human psyche, organizational dynamics, education, and has a supportive stance for their personal and professional development that is accomplished with a warm and positive approach.